August 24th, 2009


~*~NEW ITEMS ADDED 12/5~*~ I would prefer to sell the fabric as is (without cutting it up). However, if you're interested in just a portion of a certain fabric, let me know, and if after a week or so, no one else is interested in that fabric, we'll try to work something out. Also, I do have swatches available for all fabric (but only about 10 for each fabric, and I don't want to cut more fabric for swatches.) I've bought fabric plenty of time from the internet and know how important fabric swatches can be before a purchase. I will be offering the swatches FOR FREE to those in the US ONLY, but please don't abuse this. If you want swatches of more than one fabric, ask for them all at once, I will not send out swatches to the same address multiple times. Collapse )

Rules and Other Info!

Hello! I finally made a sales journal to help me better keep track of everything I'm trying to sell.


-Please comment in the appropriate section if you're interested in any of the items for sale.  If you're interested in items in two different sections, please mention that in you're comment, so I'm aware of it.

-Please use this form when inquiring about items:
 -Zip code or country
 -Payment type

-I will hold an item for up to 7 days.  If you are no longer interested in the item I'm holding, please let me know, so I can inform any other interested parties.

-I am not responsible for any lost or damaged items that were not insured through the postal service.  If you're afraid something may happen to an item you've purchase, you may want to consider purchasing extra insurance.

-I am located in the US, but I will ship overseas.  However, you will have to pay more for shipping and be able to pay via Paypal ONLY!

Paypal: If you're paying via credit card on paypal, you are responsible for ALL FEES!!!  Be sure to inform me whether or not you're using credit card.  Payments are due within 3 days of when the invoice in sent, unless you've discussed something with me ahead of time.

Money orders and well concealed cash (at your own risk) US BUYERS ONLY:
-Due within 7 days of when my address was emailed to you.

-You are responsible for shipping/packaging costs
-I only use USPS
-Once again, purchase extra insurance if you're concerned about something happening to you items
-I will ship internationally

Contact Info:
Either leave an LJ comment or message, or you can email me at

countess_lenore @ (remove spaces^^)

I will consider other prices within reason, so don't be afraid to ask!!